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Say 'hello' to KGW's first electric car!

Introducing EV8, powered by the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Say “hello” to EV8, KGW’s first electric car, powered by the Chevrolet Bolt EV!

EV8 is the first all-electric vehicle for the KGW news fleet. This innovative addition reflects a commitment to reduce fuel usage and champion the practical use of all-electric vehicles. KGW is leading the way as the first local broadcaster to use an all-electric car in its news fleet.

EV8 will be used for daily news content by KGW personalities including Brenda Braxton’s “KGW Carpool,” in which local influencers are interviewed by Brenda while driving around Portland, Matt Zaffino’s weather reports on location, and Cassidy Quinn’s stories on “Tonight with Cassidy.” EV8 is unmistakable. It sports a colorful neon wrap to showcase it as it travels throughout the community.

Both KGW and the Chevrolet Bolt EV are proud to be part of Oregon's mission to go electric. 

KGW is doing more than just replacing a gas vehicle with an electric car. The media group is launching an awareness campaign to educate drivers on electric vehicle use to help Oregon reach its goal of 50,000 registered electric vehicles by 2020. The campaign will showcase places to go on a single charge and the location of charging stations. Critical to understanding the purchase of an all-electric vehicle, KGW will show consumers how purchase incentives including tax credits and utility rebates, lease options, and fleet opportunities for local businesses work to make electric vehicles even more affordable.

While electric car (or EV) purchases in our state are growing by about thirty-five percent year over year, there’s still a lot to achieve in order to meet the 50,000-car goal. In an effort to further awareness, a cross-agency initiative has been created that will build and support EV regulation and infrastructure. The state of Oregon has also created incentives and private sector partnerships to encourage electric vehicle adoption. You can learn more about this program at goelectric.oregon.gov.

KGW President and General Manager Steve Carter, who drives his own personal all-electric vehicle, said, “Electric vehicles are an important part of our future. The state of the technology makes them practical for everyday use as we’re demonstrating with EV8. We’re excited to be proactive about reducing fuel use and emissions in our own fleet and helping with the effort to get more all-electric vehicles on Oregon’s roads.”

Some facts about the Chevrolet Bolt EV:

  • Bolt EV is the first affordable all-electric car to offer an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a single charge.
  • Bolt EV has a 2019 NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Safety Score.
  • Bolt EV requires less maintenance than a gas-powered vehicle, so forget about oil changes or engine upkeep.
  • Bolt EV’s 60/40 split-folding rear seats provide 56.6 cu. ft. of load-hauling cargo volume, or seating for five if you prefer.
  • Bolt EV offers spirited performance with 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque at your command.