PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Symphony got a healthy dose of hip-hop Sunday night with a special performance from Grammy-winning artist Wyclef Jean.

The rapper, musician and producer is perhaps best known for his time with the Fugees.

Throughout his career, he’s blended hip-hop with a variety of musical styles. He did that again Sunday evening, weaving hits like “Killing Me Softly” and “Gone Till November” with a full orchestra.

Jean brought his high school music teacher with him to the performance, and said she is the woman who taught him to love the symphony.

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He said he encourages young musicians to appreciate the orchestra.

“It’s so important if you want to last because, dude, I’m about to be 50,” Jean said. “I did my first professional album at 17 years old. So I always tell kids, if you want longevity, you’ve got to learn vastly.”

The Oregon Symphony plans to blend hip-hop and classical music again next spring, when rapper Nas hits the stage March 19.

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