Lauren Bushnell, the West Linn native on the latest season of "The Bachelor," got another rose this week, but not without battling through some major drama first.

A fellow contestant accused Lauren B. of putting on a fake front for Ben Higgins and she had to defend herself.

It's hard not to roll your eyes when Chris Harrison says the word "dramatic" with regard to anything Bachelor, right? But so many moments from Monday night's episode had us feeling all kinds of crazy!

We picked up after last week's cliffhanger ending where Ben pulled Olivia aside before the rose ceremony. He wanted to know why the women might've told him unflattering things about her, and her response brought us our first bizarre moment of the night.

1. When Olivia had a "smart" mouth

"I feel like it's been hard for me to relate. Everybody here is really into painting, you know, their nails and doing each other's hair, and that's great, but I'm just different. I like reading books in my room and thinking, and that's what I do. And, I want to talk smart things."

And while sweet, sweet Amanda thought that Olivia would be sent home, Ben brought her back to the party. And Olivia knew what all of the other women were thinking:

"I think when Ben grabbed me they were probably like, 'Score! She's going home,' and it didn't work. I walked right back in so um..."

Come. At. Me. Bro!

And then...

"I'm not going anywhere. Everybody else can suck it."

Noiiiice. You guys thought so too, right?

Emily was beyond terrified that she was going to be sent home, but we had an inkling that Ben would end up saying goodbye to Jennifer, the girl that we can't even remember him ever saying hello to.

Ben and his remaining ladies took a trip to the Bahamas, but not like the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Holiday in the Sun Bahamas. These Bahamas looked to be incredibly windy and stormy pretty much the whole time the gang was there.

2. When Leah got picked for the group date

Caila–a.k.a. Ben's little sex panther–got the one-on-one date, which caused Leah to pop off.

"I am pissed with the decision he made to bring Caila on another one-on-one. I think it's kind of (bleep). Now, I'm questioning everything."

For their date, Caila and Ben went deep sea fishing... in Leah's tears.

3. When Caila and Ben had this awkward date convo

Later in the evening, Ben wanted to get below the surface of Sex Panther's ever-present smile, so he kind of poked and prodded to see if she would open up. At first, she seemed hesitant and then out of left field said this:

And out of NOWHERE this:

"I feel like my greatest fear is that I can't totally, completely fall in love with somebody, and part of me is afraid because you're greatest fear is being unlovable, and my greatest fear might be breaking your heart. It doesn't feel right. It feels like I'm going to hurt you."

Seriously, wha?????

Then Caila tried to say that she is ready for love, and that she's just a confusing person, which brings us to our next instance:

4. When Ben caused us to lose our faith in the male species

Why, Ben? Why is confusing attractive?

Ben gave her a rose AND called it one of the best dates of his life.

5. When pigs swam

Back at the hotel, Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H., and Leah were invited on a group date, which meant that Olivia and Emily would be going on the two-on-one.

For the group date, Ben took the ladies to feed and swim with pigs.

Seriously WHATTTT?

And, yes, it was terrifying. And, NO, these pigs certainly did NOT have the manners of Wilbur or Babe.

And Ben had the struggs because it's hard to be on a date with six people, and a billion pigs, and have fun.

In an on-camera interview, The Bachelor said:

"This group date was nothing like I thought it would be. How do you date this many women that you have feelings for and keep everybody happy?"

Leah and Ben had a brief chance to connect, and she told him she felt like the lowest of the Band-Aids.

6. When Leah was a straight up liar!

Later on the date, Ben tried to get some individual quality time with the girls. It became apparent that some of them, like Becca, were worried about Ben's chemistry with Lauren B. But none were as concerned as Leah. In fact, she took her few moments with Ben to complain about a person who doesn't act the same around him as she does the girls. Ben asked whom Leah was talking about specifically, and just as we were about to mouth "Olivia" she said Lauren B.

When Ben hung out with Lauren B., he told her about Leah's allegations, but didn't mention her name. Extremely upset, Lauren B. came back and told the girls about it, and Leah was like all like, "Like, your name was brought up? Oh, well, I didn't say anything."

Um, yeah ya did.

And then the lady doth protest more!

"I would never be the type of person to single somebody out."

Yeah, except for that time, two seconds ago, when you were. Meanwhile, poor Lauren B. is sa-obbing!

"It's the worst feeling I've ever experienced. And I feel just nauseous and sick... If it affects our relationship, I'll be heartbroken."

7. When Leah tried it once more with feeling

Ben gave Amanda the rose, which left Leah feeling like she had to something "extreme." So, after the group date was over, she put on some denim shorts and went to Ben's room to do some more damage to Lauren B.'s rep.

"I don't want Ben to end up with Lauren B., and I'm here to make sure he doesn't."

Oh, girl we know!

The more Leah talked, the more disconnected Ben felt so he chunked her the deuce. Leah's exit was pretty drama free, but she did give us something to look forward to on The Women Tell All.

8. When Olivia got the rose boot

Olivia and Emily's two-on-one gave us serious Ashley I. and Kelsey vibes. There was a moment when the two were in a tiny backseat and wouldn't even look at each other.

On the date, Ben stole Olivia away and they talked while she buried her toes, 10 of her aforementioned insecurities, in the sand. She said:

"I like news and politics and religion. Deep intellectual things are just my jam. I've come to a lot of really amazing realizations lately."

Like what you and Ben asked?

"From the moment I met you. I just knew that it was right, and I'm in love with you."

Wrong answer. Eventually, Ben told Olivia that he didn't feel the same way, and he let her go all the while HOLDING THE ROSE. Way harsh, Ben!

He explained:

"As Olivia tells me she loves me, I can't express the same feelings back to her, and honestly, my relationship is farther along with some of these other women, and that's why I had to say goodbye."

Ben gave Emily the rose, and the two left Olivia on the beach weeping, wet, and we're guessing so cold.

9. When Ben cut the cocktail party

JoJo and Lauren B. were looking forward to talking to Ben at the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony, but Chris Harrison came in and dashed those dreams. Ben was ready to hand out his roses, and it turns out, he didn't have one for Lauren H. So, she went home, but not before becoming all of us in the limo ride.

"I just want someone to get me and to love me. I'm just sick of trying. I'm just like when's it actually going to click and work. I'm just sick of this. It's so hard."

Girl. We. FEEL. YOU!

10. When we saw teases of what's yet to come!!!

Some clips edited to tease to the show finale seem to show Ben saying goodbye to one woman, and then regretting it so much that he sends the second lady home, and calls the first one back. Is that really going to happen? Only time will tell. Aghhhhhhh!

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