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Turns out part of that viral glitter bomb and fart spray package video was fake

Is there no sanctity left in the world?

Is there no sanctity left in the world?

You remember the video, right? Seems like the whole world saw former NASA engineer Mark Rober exact smelly and messy revenge against unsuspecting porch pirates with a glitter bomb that also emitted fart spray.

The video showed Rober creating the glitter bomb and some reaction videos of people opening the package and being, well, surprised.

However, Rober took to Twitter on Thursday to say he had re-edited the video and taken out over a minute of footage after he realized it was fake.

Rober had solicited for people willing to have the package on their porch for someone to steal. He was offering a monetary compensation for incurring the risk and it seems someone took advantage of that. 

That being said, as Rober points out in his tweet, the device does work and some of the reactions were genuine -- meaning some porch pirates were subjected to glitter and fart spray.

And that's the holiday justice we all needed.

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