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Top 5 worst moms in comics

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Don't forget to thank your mom for not torturing you in the Phantom Zone.
Credit: Marvel Comics

PORTLAND, Ore. — Mother's Day is rapidly approaching! Remember that time your mom yelled at you because of something you did that she totally didn't understand? 

Well, this list of the top five worst moms from comic books is going to have you calling her and singing her praises. 

We'll begin from "kind of the worst" to "yikes." If you're looking for the top 5 best moms in comics you can find that here.

5. Mystique

Mystique, sometimes nemesis and sometimes friend of the X-Men, technically has three children. She is the biological mother of the X-Man Nighcrawler and villain Graydon Creed. She is also the adopted mother to Rogue. She abandoned both Nightcrawler and Graydon as children. Presumably, because her life was very tumultuous. Sad, but still not going to win her mom of the year. Furthermore, her relationship with Rogue grew very strained as they sit on opposite sides of the moral spectrum sometimes.

Credit: Marvel Comics

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4. Sylvia Kovacs

If that name doesn't ring a bell, I don't blame you. I had to do some digging on bad comic moms and had forgotten all about her. She is Rorschach's mother. She became a sex worker and abused him heavily leading to some early trauma that informed the man he would become. In one notable experience, she had a client in the house and Rorschach witnessed this, causing the client to leave early. His mother beat him for costing her money. 

Credit: Alan Moore/ Dave Gibbons
Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen

3. Ursa

Ursa is a supervillain in the DC universe who eventually has a child with General Zod, a perhaps more familiar villain from the recent DC movies. She is pretty terrible to her son and straight-up tortures and abuses him because of where he was conceived in the Phantom Zone which makes him different than the rest of the Kryptonians.

Credit: DC Comics

2. Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe so I hate to drag her like this, I really do. But her children, twin boys, were born out of pure selfishness that cost her more than she could have ever imagined. She used her powers to conceive with Vision (living toaster and most notably Wanda's husband). When it was revealed that her children were not real, Wanda broke under the mental stress. Her mental problems festered and under the influence of a cosmic force, she smashed the Avengers mansion and killed Hawkeye and Vision. With the loss of Vision, she truly became unstable and uttered the words, "No more mutants," and depowered some 90% of the mutant population. She then thrust everyone into a dimension she constructed in her mind where her children and husband were alive. This spawns into one of my favorite and most problematic Scarlet Witch storylines, House of M. Her children come back through some weird magic and are part of the Young Avengers as Wiccan and Speed.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Wanda Maximoff in House of M.

1. Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul is Selina Kyle's only real romantic rival for Batman's attention. Talia and Batman were married and she kept her pregnancy from him. She raised her son Damian Wayne in the League of Assassins, hoping he would one day be their leader. After ten years away, she returned with Damian and gave him to Bruce Wayne. She later implanted a mechanism to control Damian to try and get him to kill Dick Grayson. When that didn't work, the tossed away the whole kid and made a Damian clone who would bow to her every whim. That's why she gets my number one spot because wow, rude?

Credit: DC Comics
Talia Al Ghul

I think back to the time that my mom yelled at me because I forgot to put fabric softener in the washing machine with the clothes and I remember being so mad about that. You know, it could be worse. Call your mom on Sunday!

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