PORTLAND, Ore. — Brenda Braxton talked with "The Tech Buyer's Guru" Ari Altman about this year's hottest tech gadgets. The local tech expert showed her how each product works and answers the all important question: Is it worth it?

Hestan Cue Smart Cookset

The Hestan Cue Smart Cookset is an induction burner that enables users to set the precise temperature of their stove using a smartphone app. The app also includes hundreds of recipes with video demonstrations so you can learn from the best.

Price: $499.95

Worth It? 

If you're a serious home chef and you want to elevate your performance in the kitchen, Ari says it's worth the buy. Otherwise, the high price might deter more casual home cooks.

Ring Indoor Cam

You might know Ring as the doorbell camera but the company recently expanded its product line to include a camera for inside the home. Ari says this can be used as a baby monitor or a way to watch your pets. It also functions as a standard indoor security camera.

Price: $59.99

Worth It? 

Ari says it's a good buy if you consider the significantly lower price compared to the exterior Ring doorbell camera. But he warns that there are legitimate privacy concerns. The camera does not allow users to schedule the recording time and therefore it can feel intrusive in a home setting. 

Intelino Smart Train Set 

A new twist on a childhood classic, this smart train set gives kids an interactive, programmable toy they can grow into. The train's path is determined by you! Using colored tabs that can be placed in a variety of combinations, you decide where the train goes and how fast it gets there. 

Price: $99.99

Worth It? 

The educational component and endless coding possibilities make this a great value, according to Ari. 

SNOO Smart Sleeper

This bassinet of the future sways back and forth to keep your baby sound asleep. The oscillation is designed to simulate your baby's natural movement in the womb, putting them at ease. Secure swaddling prevents rolling to an unsafe position and a smartphone app allows you to track your infant's sleep time.

Price: ~ $1,000 depending where you purchase, or rent for $112/month.

Worth It? 

If you can afford the high price tag, Ari says it's worth the investment. The smart bassinet is also available to rent for those concerned about short-term usage.   

You can find more of Ari's product reviews on his website: https://techbuyersguru.com/ 

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