PORTLAND, Ore. — More than half of adults have ruined their Christmas dinner in the cooking process, according to a study cited in the Independent.

The study also found an average person will cook for around 5 people at Christmas time, with most people admitting their mother-in-laws were the hardest to cook for. 

And hold the booze! Just under 20 percent of respondents said their preparation failed due to too much booze on Christmas morning.

Here are a few tips from around the internet we've gathered to make your Christmas meal this year a breeze:

  1. Cook a "dress rehearsal" meal in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
  2. Organize! In the days leading up to the meal, make sure you have all the necessary kitchen tools. 
  3. Delegate among your guests or family members.
  4. Pre-cook whatever you can the day before and simply warm it up the day of the meal.
  5. Wash as you go! What's worse than capping off a beautiful Christmas meal with a giant pile of dishes?? Try to clean dishes along the way to make the end of the evening a little easier on yourself.