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Rod on the Job: Doggy Daycare

Rod Hill visits Mountain View Play & Stay and learns how to keep your dogs entertained.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill is back in the community performing YOUR jobs! This week he visited Mountain View Play & Stay and learned the fun, and not so fun, duties of a doggy daycare employee.

He started the day with manager Sarah Freckleton, who stressed the importance of "mediating the energy" between dogs on the playground. Rod tried his best to set a no-nonsense tone as he patrolled the yard. But he struggled to adopt the role of disciplinarian, instead opting for a lighthearted, playful approach. 

As hours passed and piles of fun mounted, it was time for Rod to perform the daily "cleanup" duties. He quickly learned what a challenge this could be as dozens of dogs surrounded the garden hose in anticipation of the spray to come.

But in Rod's words, "You've gotta do what you've gotta do."

After a tour of the boarding area Rod learned how to read the dogs' behavior, identifying who needed to be "exited" due to stress or anxiety.

A brief rendezvous with a fire hydrant marked the end of his day. And when it came time to evaluate Rod's performance, manager Sarah said she would offer Rod the job. 

You can drop your dog off for a fun day at Mountain View Play & Stay in Vancouver. The facility also offers overnight room and board for long term visits.