CAMAS, Wash. — I had a great day learning what it takes to operate the historic Liberty Theatre in downtown Camas, Wash.

I was amazed to learn that the theater dates back all the way to 1927! Today it runs recent or 2nd play movies as well as hosts events in the recently renovated downtown district.

I met Rand Thornsley who is the operator of the theater and my manager for the day. We started in the old fashioned ticket booth, which is no longer used as customers purchase tickets at the concession counter, but it was fun to go back in time. 

Next Rand taught me the art of making popcorn which is just that, an art. The scent of fresh popcorn immediately reminds me that this is what going to the movies is all about. Rand shows me how to evenly spread the butter over the popcorn. I was pleased to learn the Liberty Theatre uses REAL melted butter.

Of course, no popcorn is complete without a soft drink, so after assembling the soda fountain I poured myself a Mountain Dew. I used the tablet to ring up the purchase and my time at concessions was a success! 

Rand shows me the the projector room to learn the digital playback of modern movie going. The automated process includes an opening curtain as the movie begins to play. Gone are the huge film reels of the olden days, which makes my job a little bit easier.

I take a quick trip outside to promote today’s movie, "Rod on the Job." The theater's marquee dates back to the 1930s. The metal letters are surprisingly heavy!

After all that hard work, my day of learning the  movie business is finished with some much needed relaxation so I sit down in the 300 seat auditorium, popcorn in hand as Frozen 2 plays on the screen.

Rod Hill 

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