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Rod on the Job: Santa's Elf

Rod Hill went to elf school before getting a diploma from The Jolly One himself at Bridgeport Village.

PORTLAND, Ore. — My latest Rod On The Job training is inspired by the Christmas season. Our crew traveled to Bridgeport Village for

a day of training with the Elves. My mission to become an Elf, included getting my Elf name, finding my inner Elf

voice to read stories to the children, learning to make snow and of course how to greet Santa!

As you will learn in the story, my Elf name is Lucky. I must say being an Elf takes lots of energy. Elves are excited

about everything and every child they meet. The highlight of Elf training is the moment of meeting Santa, who is super nice, plumb and jolly.

Merry Christmas to all,

Rod "Lucky" the Elf

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