PORTLAND, Ore. — The irrepressible Ann Schatz.

She's a sportscasting legend around here snagging big interviews with the likes of Michael Jordan and Tonya Harding.

She even scooped the national media on the Harding story getting a coveted exclusive interview at the height of the "skate gate" scandal.

Today, Ann works for the Pac 12 Network and the Portland Thorns but 30 years ago, she blazed a trail becoming the first woman in the Rose City talkin' sports on TV.

Colleagues, coaches and athletes loved her but the viewers-- not so much. She told me people would yell at her on the street.,"Are you Ann Schatz? We hate you!" That first year on the air was rough but she persevered and turned things around.

 Ann's career is inspiring but I wanted to dig deeper than her job and what I learned is a portrait in courage and love. In our interview, she doesn't hold back. She opens up about the woman she loves and her journey to live her truth.

It's an interesting ride with a little surprise midway through. You just never know who'll stop by on KGW Carpool.

Watch an extended version of the interview.

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