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#Sunrise60: Five indoor plants that will stay alive in the Northwest

You can have that jungle look in your home that's taking over Instagram. The owner of Colibri in Northeast Portland shows us five plants you cannot kill.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Houseplants had more than a moment in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

Whether they were hanging from macrame or in wicker baskets on a rust-colored shag carpet, they were an easy way to decorate. Just look at some of the photos we found in a Google search. Wowza.

Then in the 80s, the trend moved to artificial and silk plants.

But thanks to Instagram and HGTV, houseplants are back, particularly the ones that look like they're from the jungle or desert.


"Thank goodness they're back because they look great and it's a really easy, cost-effective way of decorating your space," said Bianca Sparta of Colibri, a floral and plant shop on Northeast Prescott Street at 14th Avenue in Portland.

Sparta says a lot of us in the Northwest get plants that we think look cool, but are not made for Portland's lower light.

She says the No. 1 piece of advice is to think about the spot you want a plant to go. Watch the light for a couple days in that spot. What is it like in the morning, afternoon and evening? Is it under or over an air vent Is it drafty or humid or dry? Only then, choose the plant based on those conditions.

The number one killer of houseplants is over-watering. Sparta says stick your finger down into the soil a couple inches, if it's damp, don't water it. Check every seven to 10 days.

She recommended five foolproof plants that'll survive in most any light, or lack thereof:

1) Monstera

"They get huge, and they're super low maintenance with this amazing leaf," Sparta said.

Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

2) Dieffenbachia

These light green and white speckled long leaves give the tropical, jungle look but don't need a lot of light. Try them anywhere in your home. It is a stunner Sparta says.

Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

3) Ficus Audrey

The cousin to the fiddle leaf fig, the head honcho of social media photos. Where fiddle leaf fig is extremely fickle, doesn't want too much or too little water, needs tons of indirect light and the leaves can easily turn brown at the edges and fall off, ficus Audrey is a smaller leaf, it's fuzzy and it doesn't drop its leaves. Sparta highly recommends the Audrey for the same look at a much more affordable price than the spendy fiddle leaf.

Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

4) Snake plant or "mother-in-law's-tongue"

One of the best bangs for your buck, it's virtually indestructible. And just like your mother-in-law, it'll be around forever! Will handle low or bright light. You can forget about watering it for weeks, and it'll be fine.

Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

5) Sansevieria "starfish"

Think of it like a cross between an aloe plant and a cactus. The pole-like leaves are arranged like starfish arms and reach out like a fan. They store water so they don't need very much and can tolerate low or bright light.

Credit: Nina Mehlhaf

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