PORTLAND, Oregon — Portland native Pete Schweitzer has been a professional driver in the area for decades. He’s seen it all… lots of bad driving behavior, illegal passing, illegal u-turns, poor freeway merging that brings traffic to a standstill.  

He says cyclists not following the rules of the road drive him nuts. He calls scooters a time bomb, adding just one more layer of distraction on the roads for everyone to deal with.  

We clearly have a lot to be aware of as drivers, but the latest distraction, and one that can come with dire consequences, is distracting walking.  

Is that a thing? Schwitzer certainly thinks so. He says it happens when pedestrians are on mobile devices while entering crosswalks.

I do the Driving Me Crazy series as a generally light-hearted, but not always, look at things that drive people nuts on area roadways.  

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