PORTLAND, Oregon — Jon Onishi is a physical education teacher at Findley Elementary School. Brenda Braxton sat down with him to learn how he gets kids excited about exercise.    

#1 - Kickball or Dodgeball?

Mr. Onishi: Kickball!

#2 - Whistle or Megaphone?

Mr. Onishi: Blows whistle (laughs).

#3 - Favorite schoolyard game?

Mr. Onishi: Touch football.

#4 - Favorite pump up song to get the kids active?

Mr. Onishi: It's called "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!" (starts dancing)

#5 - How would your students describe you?

Mr. Onishi: They would say I'm a little bit crazy, full of energy and I joke around a lot.

#6 - How do you get kids excited about exercise?

Mr. Onishi: I think you've got to keep it fun but show that there's a skill involved; that they're using a skill that's going to help them gain confidence so they can use it later in life.

#7 - What makes somebody a great teacher?

Mr. Onishi: I think you have to have connections with the children. You need to find out what motivates them and really make it enjoyable for them. A lot of kids are self-conscious about moving and I want to let them know that anybody can exercise and have fun.

#8 - What do you love most about being a teacher?

Mr. Onishi: When I see a child and they're struggling with a skill and they're really working hard and they have that first breakthrough, like 'wow I just accomplished what I'm really trying to do,' and they have this great sense of pride about it. 

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