PORTLAND, Ore. — One of America's most renown documentarians, Ken Burns' latest film chronicles the history of country music. Cassidy Quinn spoke with Ken Burns and co-producer Julie Dunfey ahead of the film's release. You can watch the full interview on Tonight With Cassidy at 7pm.

You can watch "Country Music" this Sunday, 9/15, at 9pm on OPB.

#1 - What's your favorite movie?

Ken Burns: Oh my god..."Seven Samurai" by Akira Kurosawa.

Julie Dunfey: "Chinatown."

#2 - Who's your favorite author?

Ken Burns: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Julie Dunfey: Jennifer Egan. 

#3 - What is your biggest pet peeve when you're on the road?

Ken Burns: People who drive in the left lane, not driving more than the speed limit.

Julie Dunfey: I would say lines at airports.

#4 What one piece of advice would you give a young documentary filmmaker?

Ken Burns: Two pieces — know yourself and work hard.

Julie Dunfey: Know the story you want to tell.

#5 Most important invention of all-time?

Ken Burns: Facetime.

Julie Dunfey: Hmmm you really caught me there, the sewing machine.

#6 Favorite national park?

Ken Burns: Ummm Yellowstone. No wait, I mean Yosemite!

Julie Dunfey: Zion.

#7 Single most influential country singer?

Ken Burns: Hank Williams.

Julie Dunfey: Merle Haggard.

#8 What does America need most right now?

Ken Burns: Good leadership.

Julie Dunfey: More unity.

Bonus Questions

What's your favorite podcast?

Ken Burns:  "WTF" (with Marc Maron).

Julie Dunfey: "Pod Save America."

What do you consider the most important event this century?

Ken Burns: 9/11.

Julie Dunfey: 9/11.

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