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8 Questions: McMinnville's own 'We Three' band

We got to learn more about the siblings who make up the band, semi-finalists on AGT, as they release new music about mental health

PORTLAND, Ore. — The trio of siblings who made it to the semi finals of America's Got Talent a year ago stopped by the KGW studio to perform their new EP "WE'RE ALL MESSED UP... But it's OK." 

The band took on the theme of suicide and mental health with five songs they wrote themselves. Some of those were inspired by their fans, and the stories they shared with the band while on tour. 

 "We're so excited to hopefully be a voice for some people in this" says Manny Humlie, the youngest of the three told Cassidy Quinn on 'Tonight with Cassidy.' "It's definitely been good for us, it's been therapeutic for us, and so we hope that it's the same for other people."

'We Three' let us get to know them a little better, as they played along to our segment 8 questions.

#1 - Portland or McMinnville?

Manny: McMinnville. 

Joshua: I have to say McMinnville. 

Bethany: Can I say Carlton? (Laughs). In between.

#2 - What's your favorite movie?

Joshua: Star Wars. 

Manny: The live action Cinderella. 

Bethany: Second Hand Lions

#3 - Biggest pet peeve with your siblings?

Bethany: Hovering over my shoulder when I’m on the phone.

Manny: Being too chipper in the morning. (laughs)

Bethany points at Joshua: those are both against you! 

Mark: I know! I know! (laughs)

#4 - Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Bethany: Rachel McAdams. 

Manny: Johnny Depp. it doesn't fit at all, but that would be really cool. 

Joshua: Uhh... The Rock! 

Bethany: OH MY GOD! (laughs)

#5 - Favorite band of all time?

Bethany: That's a terrible question!

Manny: Right now I really like 'The 1975.'

Joshua: of all time! That's really hard! I love 'Rush.'

#6 - What's your favorite venue to play?

Joshua: I love playing the Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York, but the Crystal Ballroom is also awesome in Portland. 

 #7 - What's your best song?

Bethany: I don't know! You tell us! (laughs) Funnest to play at the moment is our new single. 

#8 - When was the last time you were starstruck?

Manny: I saw John Mayer in Canada, and I was like in the fourth row. 

Bethany: You almost cried. 


Who would you get most starstruck for if they walked into this room right now?

Joshua: Mark Hamill. He does, obviously he's Luke Skywalker, but he's also the 'Joker.' He's got like a great 'Joker' laugh. 

Bethany: I'm just going to say Stevie Wonder. 

Manny: I mean who wouldn't get starstruck!

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