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8 questions: Trail Blazers star Terry Porter

Brenda Braxton sat down with the Blazers legend and current men's basketball coach at the University of Portland.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Terry Porter is a retired Portland Trail Blazer and current coach of the University of Portland men's basketball team. As a player, Porter was a two-time western conference champion and two-time NBA All-Star. We sat down with him for a quick fire round of 8 questions.

#1 - Nike or Adidas?

Terry Porter: Nike! [gestures toward swoosh emblem on shirt]

#2 - Jordan or Lebron?

Terry Porter: Jordan.

#3 - Who was the best trash talker?

Terry Porter: In our position, Gary Payton was the best trash talker [laughs].

#4 - What was the hardest place to play on the road?

Terry Porter: Chicago. That was the hardest. We didn't go there often but that place was really noisy and had great fans.

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#5 - So what's more challenging, coaching in college or the NBA?

Terry Porter: They both have their challenges. I'd say there are more challenges off the court at the college level. There are a lot more things you have to help kids navigate through, from academics to social life. So definitely college.

#6 - What’s the most important skill to learn as a young basketball player?

Terry Porter: Playing hard. Building skills takes a while but the ability to play hard is something that will separate you as coaches look and evaluate you on the floor.

#7 - If Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?

Terry Porter: Denzel. He's got some basketball background, so he knows how to shoot it.

#8 - What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Terry Porter: As far as sports, I would say getting drafted, that was the first highlight. And then in life, being married, having kids, a family, to this day that's a highlight. When you start having kids and you're in there and you realize, I helped that, that's part of my DNA, it's a proud moment.  

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Bonus Questions:

Who was your toughest competitor on the court?

Terry Porter: There's so many it's hard to identify one. I would say Tim Hardaway. He's just competitive. For me, he was smaller, quicker, just tough for me to manage with his crossover and his scoring ability.

If you hadn't become a basketball player what would you have done?

Terry Porter: So I've always wanted to be, believe it or not, a news anchor. So I went to Stevens Point for communications so a lot of it specialized in going out in the field and doing stories on track and field and football. I did an internship back at WTMJ, which was channel four in Milwaukee. I had to cut my edit and put it all together, it was pretty impressive for me back in the day. 

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