The allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have sparked a national conversation on the treatment of women.

In Oregon, several women have come forward accusing men in the Oregon State Capitol of inappropriate touching.

In one case, State Sen. Sara Gelser accused her colleague, State Sen. Jeff Kruse, of repeatedly touching her in an inappropriate way, despite the fact she had filed complaints about his behavior.

Sen. Gelser joined fellow lawmaker Rep. Julie Parish and former State Sen. Diane Rosenbaum on KGW’s Straight Talk this week to discuss their experiences with harassment, and what can be done in the state Capitol and beyond to make sure everyone feels comfortable in their workplace.

Sen. Gelser discusses the myth that powerful women can’t be the victim of sexual harassment

Rep. Parrish discusses how women in politics are often described as either “crazy or a word that rhymes with ‘witch’"

Sen. Rosenbaum talks about how men have a responsibility to speak out and stop workplace harassment when they see it

Rep. Parrish discusses how people should set boundaries about physical contact in the workplace

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