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King Charles' former butler gives Seattle's Jim Dever lessons on how to greet royalty

KING 5 Evening's Jim Dever takes a bow guided by 'The Royal Butler.'

TETBURY, UK — This weekend's official coronation of King Charles will bring many wellwishers face to face with royalty. It's important for everyone to be on their best behavior.

No one knows that better than Grant Harrold, who served as Charles' butler back when the king was a prince. Harrold was even a guest at the 2005 wedding of Charles and his second wife, Camilla.

"I remember what the atmosphere was like," said Harrold, "and it was amazing."

At another event, Harrold even danced with the queen.

"I did pinch myself," Harrold said. "The reality is they're one of the most famous families in the world."

He now makes a living training butlers and teaching etiquette to VIP clients from around the world. A few years ago, we traveled to the tiny town of Tetbury, England for a lesson on how to properly greet a king or queen from the man known as the Royal Butler.

Greeting royalty

Step one: The neck bow. No need for a deep bend, but a sharp tilt of the head forward is the perfect introductory move for gentlemen. If you're a lady, it's a quick, elegant, and not-too-deep curtsey.

Step two: The handshake. But only if the royal offers their hand first.

"And it's two to three pumps," Harrold said.

Step three: Disengage.

Harrold added, "And then hands to the side."

And remember, only the royal may initiate a hug.

"You can look but you don't touch," Harrold said.

But Harrold said the most important thing to remember about a brush with royalty is to enjoy the moment.

"I say to people, don't get nervous, don't get stressed about it," he said, "Make sure it's a nice experience because they want it to be a nice experience."

You can watch live coverage of the coronation of King Charles III Saturday, May 6 at 2 a.m. on KING 5.

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