Oscar nominations were announced this week and many were surprised to hear "Wonder Woman" received zero nominations! "Wonder Woman" was one of Daily Blast Live Host Jen Widerstrom’s favorite movies of 2017.

“As a former American Gladiator, a competitive athlete and a strength coach, I totally identify with Wonder Woman,” says Widerstrom. However, despite her fondness for the "Wonder Woman" film franchise, Widerstrom did admit, comparatively, the film might not have stacked up to those nominated.

Luckily, this year, there were multiple movies nominated that show you don’t have to be a super hero to be a strong leading lady. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” showcased Frances McDormand in one of the best performances of her career. She played the mother of a murdered child who takes on a small-town police department to get her daughter’s murder solved. Her character was layered and battered, and showcased the tremendous amount of resiliency women have.

Likewise, Sally Hawkins gave audiences an amazing performance in “The Shape of Water,” while playing a lonely janitor. Hawkins' strength comes through her compassion and curiosity to see past the exterior of a creature that every other character in the film fears. We learn from her character that there are few things stronger than acceptance and an ability to love.

2017 was the Year of Women and the #MeToo movement and it looks like that will carry into 2018.