PORTLAND, Oregon — We know that Portland likes to keep things weird. That's why it's home to one of the only, and certainly the biggest astrology schools in the whole country.

Portland School of Astrology in Northeast Portland's Hollywood District opened in 2013. They offer online classes, free classes, and one or two year certificate programs. Because astrology is considered entertainment, not a science, there is no official degree. 

PSA started with 12 students. Since then, they've grown their program and now have 72 students in three different yearly cohorts. 

Instructor Rhea Wolf says learning how the universe interacts with your family upbringing, socioeconomic background and biases fascinates a lot of people.

"This is a way of thinking about myself and learning about myself that makes me feel connected also to something larger than myself," she said.

Wolf says students want to take classes or be certified as an astrologer for many reasons.

Some want astrology to influence their art. Others want to know it for a hobby or being able to read friends or family. Then there's another group who want to monetize it in some way, whether it be working for a smart phone app that provides horoscopes, or in social media or blogs or publications. 

Learn more at: http://portlandastrology.org/ 

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