PORTLAND, Ore. -- Aparna Brielle says by the time she got to high school she knew she wanted to act.

She’s getting a big opportunity in the new NBC comedy A.P. Bio.

She plays Sarika, one of the students in Jack Griffin’s class. Griffin, played by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Glenn Howerton, is a former philosophy professor who takes a job teaching AP biology in high school. Instead of teaching biology he uses his students to get back at the people in his life who have wronged him.

Brielle went to high school in Beaverton and college at Linfield, where she was a marketing major. She said marketing was not a back up plan.

“I never had any doubt. Marketing was something supplemental in my life," Brielle said.

Comedian Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live, developed the show. Patton Oswalt stars alongside Howerton as the lead characters.

A.P. Bio has a special preview on Feb. 1 at 9:30 p.m. on KGW.