PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fans of the Netflix show "American Vandal" may get to see some of the series production workers around Portland.

The program will shoot its second season in the Rose City. Cast Iron Studios, which helps series and films cast actors, said Tuesday it's seeking those between the ages of 14 and 22 "to portray high-school students" in the series.

The Jan. 6 casting call is by appointment only (those interested in landing work can visit Cast Iron's website to reserve their slot).

The series is co-produced by Funny Or Die, CBS Television Studios, and 3 Arts Entertainment. It's set to start shooting in the Portland area in mid-February.

Casting Director Eryn Goodman said producers want to cast locals in several small, speaking roles.

“The show truly needs all types, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities," Goodman said in a release. "They want to reflect a real high-school look: braces, pimples, and all.”

The program's first season primary device is a fake documentary that followed a high school crime suspect and others in his world through an investigative process. Along the way, the program poked fun at norms in the docu-crime format, with hilarious riffs on simulation, overwrought music and the serious treatment allotted to absurd situations.

At the same time, the program proved suspenseful thanks to its fully formed characters and skillfully developed plot.

Variety reported last fall that the new season would feature Tyler Alvarez, who played teenage documentary maker Peter Maldonado,"but focus on a new group of students in a new school." The Variety story features a trailer for the show's second season.