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Horror during a pandemic? Green Inferno, new horror comics anthology that takes on terrestrial horror

Editor (and Portland comics creator) Matt Blairstone talks about being productive during quarantine and why turn to horror when the world seems scary.
Credit: Matt Balirstone
Artist: Kristofor Harris

PORTLAND, Ore. — Comics and horror fans alike have reasons to come together with the upcoming horror anthology titled Green Inferno: The World Celebrates Your Demise. It's 200 pages of "terrestrial" horror.

But editor Matt Blairstone wants to assure future readers that these stories are incredibly diverse and aren't just man vs. nature. Blairstone brought together a group of writers and creatives from across the world to make this project happen.

You can view the Kickstarter here and I suggest that you do. There are incredibly talented people working on this really cool project. The Kickstarter lays out just where the money you are giving is going and that's largely to pay artists and writers fairly. So far it has reached a little over 50% of its goal.

Credit: Michael Falotico

If you can't donate, that's cool! Spread the word about this cool anthology and support small-press comics content.

Portlander, comics creator and now-editor Blairstone took the time to sit down and chat. You can view that interview here and in the video below!