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Here are the Seattle singles that got engaged on 'Love Is Blind'

Here's a recap of the first five episodes of the Seattle-based season of "Love Is Blind."

SEATTLE — Hello, intrepid "Love Is Blind" viewer! We hope you've enjoyed the journey so far. 

The first five episodes of the Seattle-based season of the cult Netflix reality show dropped on Friday and we are here to break down the first batch of episodes. 

But, first, if you are new to the Love Is Blind verse, we have a detailed explainer on the show, photos of the entire Season 4 cast and everything you could possibly need to enjoy the show.

If you would not like the show spoiled, stop reading this story now and return later. 

(BEWARE: Spoilers below.)

(Spoilers coming up!)

(This is not a drill.)

(3, 2. 1....)

So. Which couples got engaged this season?

Sticking to show tradition, five couples got engaged on this season of Love Is Blind.

  • Brett and Tiffany
  • Zack and Irina
  • Paul and Micah
  • Marshall and Jackelina
  • Kwame and Chelsea 
Love is Blind. (L to R) Chelsea, Kwame in season 4 of Love is Blind. Cr. Monty Brinton/Netflix © 2023

Has there been any notable drama so far?

Of course! 

A couple of big talking points to go over real quick (or not so quick):

  • Zack, Irina and Bliss' awkward love triangle. This was a standard love triangle with a few moments that were, frankly, jaw-dropping. We have to start with Zack's birthday because it seemed like the catalyst for the rest of the moments that followed. Bliss wanted to make his birthday special in the pods, so she cooked cupcakes and had them delivered to his room. Irina, who was also interested in Zack, had the audacity to ask Bliss for a candle so she could surprise him for her birthday. Bliss refused, of course. On the day in question, Irina openly admitted that she "totally forgot about his birthday" (even though it should be said, she definitely knew on the day and could have done literally anything besides nothing) while Bliss surprised Zack with candles and birthday cupcakes. It was at that point that Bliss questioned Zack and said if he chose Irina it would really show his character. Zack didn't like his character being questioned, broke things off with Bliss shortly after and got engaged to the woman who definitely knew it was his birthday but definitely didn't do anything about it. That's certainly a choice. And, through all of this, we didn't even get to Zack's love serenade! (Please look up the video and revel in its glory.)
  • Tiffany fell asleep in the pods! While she was talking to someone! This is something that, while plausible, never happened in the first three seasons of the show. Tiffany happened to fall asleep while Brett was professing his love for her, but when she did not respond, Brett stormed out of his pod and things seemed to be on rocky terms. (The next day Brett and Tiffany smoothed everything out, got engaged, and appear to be one of the more connected couples this season.)
  • A love pentagon too? Lost in the Zack mess is that Micah (more on her later) was interested in two men but ultimately broke up with Kwame in favor of getting engaged to Paul. That's it right? Noooope. Because Kwame, still reeling emotionally from losing one of his top choices, made things work with Chelsea and got engaged, too. Now when the couples reunited in Mexico, and Kwame had a maybe-too-long-and-flirty conversation with Micah, the cracks in his relationship with Chelsea started to appear. Micah, too, is now questioning her relationship with Paul and wonders if Kwame should have really been the choice. Everyone is upset. And now Irina is reconsidering breaking up with Paul so we have a full-fledged Love Pentagon (trademark pending) going on here!
  • Zack and Irina's breakup: Zack and Irina's relationship flamed out on the Mexico getaway before the couple made it back to Seattle. It was awkward at first sight, with Irina saying "Zack looks like a cartoon character" and she wishes he'd "just blink more." In a testimonial to the camera, Irina said she thought Zack would be more "normal" looking. (Narrator: This is the same woman who said looks wouldn't matter in the opening episode). When in Mexico, Irina said felt the "ick" whenever Zack existed near her and their relationship quickly deteriorated until one of the most honest breakups we've seen on the show. Zack said he felt Irina didn't really try in their relationship, admitted to being around her as "awful" and even wondered aloud if he should have just chosen Bliss instead. They laughed off their whirlwind relationship  and went their separate ways. 
  • Zack and Bliss' possible reunion: This brings us to another first for "Love Is Blind." After breaking up with Irina, Zack is now back in Seattle and set up a meet (date????) with Bliss, his second choice that he spurned in the pods. The fifth episode ends on a cliffhanger, though, and we are left wondering if Bliss will take Zack back, move in with him and start the standard "Love Is Blind" experiment with him instead. We've seen people question their choice all the time in the first three seasons, but we've never seen them actually try to play out their second relationship for the show. So we'll see if Bliss forgives Zack this week or if the birthday cupcake fiasco is just too much to bear. 

Ooooof, thank you for the recap. When are the next episodes coming out?

Here's the episode release schedule, according to Netflix: 

  • Episodes 1-5: Available now
  • Episodes 6-8: March 31
  • Episodes 9-11: April 7
  • Episode 12: April 14



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