Car mechanic by day, rock star by night, Lake Oswego native Bill Erickson and his band, Ten O’Clock Hill just rewrote the theme song for our traffic series, Driving Me Crazy.

He’s run Erickson’s Automotive for 30-years, but his real passion is music. He and bass guitarist Ron Stearns have been playing together for the better part of two decades. Ask Bill about his biggest pet peeve... it’s right there in the opening verse:

“Every morning I head to the Interstate. Try to get to work and not be late. On-ramp sign says form two lines, but 12 knuckleheads can't make up their minds. They creep down the middle then dart for position. Looks like a train wreck of synchronized swimming.”

Mark Kingen (bass) and Gery Kohler (drums) complete the quartet’s rendition of the Driving Me Crazy highlight reel.

On Friday night, they’re playing at The Hive Taphouse in Oregon City.

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I do the Driving Me Crazy series as a generally light-hearted, but not always, look at things that drive people nuts on area roadways.  

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