You could live out your wildest cat lady/cat daddy dreams on a small beautiful island in Greece -- and get paid to do it.

According to God's Little People Cat Rescue's Facebook post, the organization is looking for someone who can look over 55 cats. The housing accommodations, water, and electric are all paid and the cat caretaker will also receive a salary.

All that, while living on the island of Syros which honestly looks like an island come to life off of someone's Instagram feed. The apartment is incredibly cute and very 'I'm taking a year to find myself' chic.

The Facebook post states that the person who would be the queen/king of Greek cats will need to be able to administer the cats medication and it would be a perk if that person had a background as a vet tech or a nurse!

Here is the full listing and check out those photos!

Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter at First Coast News who is very allergic to cats but would risk it and visit you if you landed this job because the island of Syros is singing a siren's song to her. You can follow her on Twitter @hello_destiny. She reviews comic books weekly and also runs a Jacksonville true crime podcast called Postmortem.