PORTLAND, Ore. — This week the internet is crying that ol' familiar song: Millennials ruin everything.

Follow me on this journey for a moment: Back in September some mother posted a rant on Facebook, as angry mothers tend to do, where she called a childless woman at Disney some very rude names because that woman was able to stand in a long line for a pretzel — and the mom with her 3-year-old had to also wait in the same very long line. Except she opted not to and that upset her kiddo.

The mom believes that anyone with a child should be able to cut in line, lest the children cry for things they can't have immediately.

Disney Millennial Rant

She said immature millennials waste their money on useless crap while they have no idea how that same crap (which when a mother is buying it for their child becomes toys and treat and no longer 'crap') will bring joy to a mother to buy for her children.


The rant ended by saying childless people should be banned from Disney and that she hates childless women, in particular. Well, this mommy gets no points in the feminism category and I hope she found some tissues because I reckon she is having more of a meltdown than her toddler did over the soft pretzel.

Blaming people without children for long lines is a weird choice. Also, may I point out that standing in lines is a life skill that you too must participate in at theme parks. But it doesn’t end here.

This week, the New York Post, beacon for all reputable news, chimed in and said that adults going to Disney without children was weird.

And I am here to say — it’s 2019, why the hell can’t we let people enjoy things?

This mom’s bad coping skills aside, who is a childless millennial who loves Disney hurting? If people enjoy Disney, let them! If people like comics, let them! If people like things that aren't hurting anyone and said things make people happy, who cares?

Life is incredibly short and yet somehow insufferably long. If we can find things in life that make us happy, we should be able to enjoy them without judgment or mean mom rants on Facebook. So, forget angry moms, I am your mom now and I say that you should be allowed to enjoy things even if they are deemed to be geared toward children.

Ugh. What? Is there an age limit on roller coasters and teacups? Walt himself said: "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever."

My suggestion is to let people enjoy things and I hope you also enjoy things. I hope you can find something rewarding for you. I like plants so maybe try plants.


Let’s move on to happier things and boy do I have a good one: Maybe it was just me shedding a non-cynical tear but some people on the internet were happy crying about a sweet 6-year-old girl whose mom posted to Twitter to help her follow her artistic dreams!

And supportive Twitter showed up! Not only were people so supportive of Elowyn's art but actual comic book writers and artists showed their support! Like Nicola Scott, who is an artist and works on books like Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey!

And Marc Andreyko, who is writing the current Supergirl run!

And Mitch Gerads, who illustrates Mister Miracle, Batman, The Punisher and more!

Her mom reported in another tweet that Elowyn was encouraged by those words which made my black little heart so happy.

The internet can be toxic, but it is so nice when it can come together in the name of good!

So, thanks Elowyn in Texas, I hope you follow all your art dreams! Thank you so much for making the internet happy this week with your art.

The week isn’t over so there could presumably be other things the internet wants to cry about. If you see something, you can email me at djohnson@kgw.com or tweet me at @hello_destiny.

Destiny Johnson is a digital investigative reporter who also talks all things nerd news. You can follow her YouTube channel KGW’s Comic Pick of the Week here.