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WandaVision Episode 7 explained?

Yeah that's a question as the title because who REALLY know what's going on in WandaVision?

PORTLAND, Ore. — Hello, it's me again, your friendly neighborhood comics nerd to scream (virtually) at you about how much I love Wanda Maximoff. 

I have been recapping every episode of WandaVision and using my encyclopedic knowledge of Wanda to speculate wildly about what is happening in the show, where it is headed and what it means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at large. 

I break the videos down into three sections beginning with "What We Know", where we talk about all the news facts established in the episode, then move on to "What We Think We Know", which is the part where we speculate wildly and then we move on to "What We Don't Know", which is the section where we ask all of our pressing questions.

WandaVision spoilers ahead. (Article continued under video)

What We Know 

(for a more comprehensive breakdown of these points and a plot recap check out the video above.)

  • We are in the 2010s
  • Wanda is depressed
  • Billy is struggling with his powers
  • This episode takes place the day after Halloween
  • Director Hayward is planning to attack the Hex
  • SWORD is no longer able to see the WandaVision broadcast
  • Darcy is inside the Hex, was recast as a circus escape artist
  • Wanda is suspicious of (knock off) Pietro
  • Hayward wanted Vision to use him as a weapon
  • Monica's "man over the hill" is defected SWORD agents/soldiers
  • Monica has her powers now
  • Monica is trying desperately to help Wanda

What We Think We Know (speculate wildly with me)

  • Wanda is careening toward a breakdown a la Avengers Disassembled
  • Gearing up for possible fights between Wanda/Agatha and Monica/Pietro
  • Monica's loyal defected SWORD agents are Skrulls
  • Monica and her powers will be the key to bringing down the Hex
  • The commercial this week refers to Agatha's lair AKA a nexus of dimensions/realities
  • Agatha's book in her lair is the missing book from Dr. Strange
  • An interdimensional being is giving Agatha stronger powers (Mephisto?)
  • Billy and Tommy walked into another reality
  • Agatha needs Wanda for her powers

What We Don't Know

  • Will Darcy get powers from entering the Hex?
  • Will Hayward get Vision to use him for his weapon plans?
  • Where the heck is Dr. Strange?
  • Who is Agatha's husband Ralph? Is he Mephisto?
  • Why is Agatha doing this?

There are only two episodes left before WandaVision is over so they better get to tying up some loose ends, don't you think? I am loving WandaVision and I hope you are too. If you want to also speculate wildly with me about WandaVision (and the other MCU shows coming out this year) 


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