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Top 5 best moms in comics

These moms are to be protected at all costs.
Credit: Marvel Comics
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danielle Cage

PORTLAND, Ore. — Mother's Day is creeping up on us. It is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things our mothers have done for us and all the ways they shaped us into lovely human beings. 

But could you imagine having to deal with superpowers and raging hormones? 

Here is a list from "very good" to "god tier" of moms in comics. If you're looking for the top 5 worst moms in comics you can find that here.

5. Jessica Jones

That’s right, our beloved always-drunk and brash P.I., Jessica Jones, does have a daughter with the hunkiest invulnerable man this side of the Mississippi, Luke Cage. Her name is Danielle Cage and she helps keep her mom on the straight and narrow, so to speak. You see a lot of character growth in Jessica after Danielle is born and we love to see it. And, fun fact, Jessica and Luke must raise Danielle well because she later becomes Captain America!

Credit: Marvel Comics
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danielle Cage

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4. May Parker

Technically she is Spider-Man’s aunt but she is an actual angel. She took Peter in after his parents died along with his Uncle Ben (r.i.p). She is a well-developed character for being a supporting one. She clearly cares for Peter’s well being, both physically and emotionally, and she is always there for him. Their relationship is wholesome and makes me cry a lot.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Aunt May Parker

3. Martha Kent

Martha Kent is on the same god tier as Aunt May. Martha Kent took Superman in when he crashlanded to earth as a tiny alien baby. She knows his secret and all his powers and yet still is a mother who wants to protect and love him over everything else. She and Jonathan Kent made Superman the Super Man he is today.

Credit: DC Comics
Martha Kent and Superman

2. Lois Lane

Yes, another Superman-universe mom. Superman and Lois have a son named Jonathan, named after Clark’s late father, and he has all the powers of Superman, it seems, but Lois still tells him to clean his room. I am biased, admittedly, because I love Lois Lane, but she puts up with a super dog, a super son and a super husband and keeps it together all while being a smart and protective mom. I have no choice but to put her high on this list.

Credit: DC Comics
Lois Lane

1. Jessica Drew

This one may seem a little out of nowhere, but I like the Spider-Woman as a mom arc because she has been portrayed as a single mother and that’s totally cool. I was raised by a strong single mom for a lot of years and so I have to give this a proper shout out. It's really cool to see character growth through being a mom without pigeon-holing a character.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Jessica Drew

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