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This week in comics: I suddenly care about Batman and Deadpool

This week we are reminded just what comics can do for us.

This week I picked up two major comics about characters I like but don't deeply care about.

Batman and Deadpool are iconic comics characters who I enjoy but the sheer volume of books they star in keeps me from ever really deep diving. I mean, of course, I've read the Dark Knight and The Killing Joke and I've picked up a Deadpool book here and there but -- my knowledge sort of begins and ends there.

Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze

Author: Sean Murphy

Artist: Klaus Janson

Colors: Matt Hollingsworth

DC Black Label

Von Freeze was a wonderful reminder of what a wallop comics pack when it comes to storytelling. This comic made me care about a character, Victor Freeze, who I could honestly not care less about. My experience with Mr. Freeze comes solely from the Batman the Animated Series Mr. Freeze.

This comic tells the story of Mr. Freeze without resting on the laurels of outright good vs. evil. It is a vignette look into Victor's life and it was really compelling. I think that has wholly to do with the vulnerability of the author and artist. The author, who says in an after in the book, had not spoken to his family in a long time. The artist is the son of German immigrants who fled the country during WWII.

Combined you get a wonderful story about love and loss and friendship and family ties.

Pick this comic up if you haven't. It's worth the time.

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Author: Kelly Thompson

Penciler: Chris Bachalo

Inkers: Wayner Faucher Time Townsend, Al Vey, Jaime Mendoza, Livesay and Victor Olazaba

Letterer: Joe Sabino

Color Artist: David Curiel

On the flip side from the serious feel of the Batman story, Deadpool was hilarious. I picked up the book because I think Kelly Thompson is a great writer and I will follow her where ever she goes. She does a great Deadpool, he's funny and verbose and all the things you want Deadpool to be.

Also, I would die for Jeff the Landshark.

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