PORTLAND, Ore. — A new trailer for "Dark Phoenix" dropped and I have questions.

I am an X-Men lover. I am not afraid to admit it. In my opinion, the X-Men franchise has some of the most well-rounded and underrated characters in all of Marvel-dom.

That being said I am not exactly jazzed on the idea of another iteration of the Dark Phoenix. The first version was a real misfire in my opinion (and the internet's) so I wonder if the filmmakers are looking for some sort of shot at redemption.

**there's a typo: the first text box should say "Don't @ Me" because I know people feel strongly about Jean Grey, I just happen to find her boring.

However, the Phoenix Force has inhabited other forms, so it just seems lazy to redo this movie over again.

I'm not sure what this movie is going to be like, but my hopes are not super high, which is a bummer. Due to the merger, Disney's acquisition of the X-Men movie franchise, there will not be X-Men films for some time.

So this one better be good.

But I have my doubts.

If you could have a movie centered around any X-Men characters, who would you choose?

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