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Netflix drops first 'The Witcher' teaser trailer starring Henry Cavill

Adapted from the best selling books, the new Netflix series 'The Witcher' will debut late 2019.
Credit: Netflix.com

Netflix dropped its first teaser trailer for "The Wither" series set to debut in "late 2019."

The series is based on the best selling books by  Andrzej Sapkowski about the main character Geralt, played by Henry Cavill (of Superman fame). Geralt apparently lives to fight monsters and get money, if the trailer is any indication of the plot.

But it delivers on the action. In just the brief two-minute trailer you get a taste of the fighting, elves, chaos and magic. It does a good job of opening up the world that this story will be told in, but only a little. Color me interested.

Mostly, it shows off a new high fantasy series that may scratch that itch that the world is feeling after its favorite fantasy show was put to bed this year. (Yes, I am talking about Game of Thrones. No, I am not suggesting this will be as good as Game of Thrones, calm down. I mean it could be... but who knows?)

Regardless, it's still fun to see Henry Cavill in a Daenerys wig.

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