Summer is dwindling to a close but it will surely be remembered for Hurricane Dorian, White Claws and of course, the hottest of the hot girls from this hot girl summer.

The internet is crying because they love Lizzo.

Her song “Truth Hurts” hit #1 on the billboards and that makes her the first black female solo artist to top the charts this year. She joins only a handful of other solo black female artists including: Janelle Monae, Beyonce, Rihanna and Cardi B.

The internet is crying about Lizzo, not because of her extremely catchy, uplifting and emotionally raw music but because she is the queen of self-care.

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Lizzo is a reminder to all women, big and small, POC, queer, differently abled, that no one in the world is going to give you permission to be OK. You have to find that within yourself. Being both black and plus-sized, she is trailblazing a path that has seen limelight in acts like Missy Elliot, but arguably never to this degree.

Like Lizzo’s music or not, everything from her giant inflatable butt at the VMAs to her regular posts on social media are a reminder to love yourself.

And that is a message everyone should get on board with.

Now, the internet is crying some sad tears and absolute man baby levels of tantrum tears because Sony executives came out publicly and said that the talks between Sony and Disney are through. The “door has been closed.”

Which means any shred of hope that Spider-Man may be returning to the MCU as we know him is done and dusted.

However, Sony has hinted that we will get to see other characters from the Spider-Man universe and some fans are hopeful that we will see Peter in a Venom movie.

But some fans think boycotting Sony is the way to go forward with this adjustment. I am so over boycotting things you disagree with. 

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Boycotting things should be, in my humble opinion, saved for things that matter. Read: climate change, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights etc. Withhold your money from corporations who don’t align with your belief system.

But are you honestly crying because a man bug will no longer be in movies you enjoy watching?

OK. That’s one way to proceed.

Another is to just enjoy superhero films for what they are: entertainment.

Dry your tears this week internet and get to twerking to some Lizzo.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to bring your tissues for next week’s “Why is the internet crying this week.”