Word on the street is that Disney is eyeing the “Pitch Perfect 2” alum for the role of Kate Bishop or Hawkeye for their new Disney+ show.

Kate Bishop is great. She’s the leader of the West Coast Avengers, a good friend (see: “Children’s Crusade”) and a powerful Hawkeye (see: "New Young Avengers").

It’s hard to say whether Steinfeld will be the perfect fit for Bishop but she is a talented actress. She’s also brunette and about the right age.

It seems to depend entirely on where the Hawkeye show is going to take Kate. Is it going to bring in other beloved younger characters like Wiccan, Noh-Varr, Hulkling and Iron Lad? Or are we going to see more of a teacher/mentor situation with Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and this new un-casted Kate Bishop?

Kate Bishop original concept art
Original concept art of Kate Bishop drawn by Leonardo Romero in 2014.
Leonardo Romero/Marvel

Renner will be in the show but who knows for how long. Are we getting a season-long mentor-mentee situation or is Renner just popping in as a Hawkeye cameo? 

Things are pretty up in the air right now.

The world for Bishop as Hawkeye is vast.

And much like the other details of the series, nothing is set in stone in terms of casting but Steinfeld has a lot of hit movies under her belt, she is a musician and a talented actress. She’s an Oscar-nominee and who am I, a lowly comic book reporter, to make a judgment on that? If Steinfeld is cast, I can’t wait to see what she can bring to a beloved and spirited character!

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