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How will you be getting your comics in the future?

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States many businesses are closed, including comics giant Diamond Distributors. So what now?
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PORTLAND, Ore. — Diamond Distributors, the main source for distributing comics to comic book shops, has stopped shipping comics due to COVID-19. It has said it will resume shipping hopefully in May. In the meantime, this leaves comic book retailers, and readers, in a pinch.

Enter DC Comics. DC has decided to go with two other distributors which sell directly to consumers: UCS and Lunar. DC is only releasing some of its titles through these two new distributors, which leaves lots of questions, like, "Will they release all their titles? What does this mean for your local comic book shop? Will they have to order specific titles through one distributor and the rest through another? What about first printings?"

Leroy Green from News19Nerds, a nerd channel based out of South Carolina, was gracious enough to invite me onto his live stream their series The Pull List to talk about the state of comics right now.

We chatted about how DC and Diamond seemed to be in a weird, petty war, where Diamond comes out smelling like roses and DC is seen as making a money grab at a really inopportune time. We also discussed whether we will change our consumption habits when it comes to DC, and who some of the White Knights of the Apocalypse are when it comes to comics in a pandemic.

You can watch the full stream here:

Subscribe to News19Nerds if you haven't! They're great and produce a lot of nerd media content!

Destiny Johnson is a digital journalist for KGW. She also hosts a Nerd News show on YouTube and she would love it if you subscribed. You can also find her on Twitter @hello_destiny where she is only tweeting about Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of late.

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