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Get caught up before WandaVision episode 5

Here's what we know, don't know, and are speculating wildly about.
Credit: Marvel/Disney

PORTLAND, Ore. — Are you enjoying WandaVision? Are you also confused?

Well, you're in luck because I am a nerd and I have been sitting on all of this information about Wanda Maximoff for ages. School is now in session, please sit down.


We are coming upon the 5th episode of WandaVision and a few things have been made starkly aware to us. Chief of which, is that Wanda is controlling a fake town called Westview in New Jersey. She has created a false reality to, presumably, deal with the grief of losing Vision.

This concept is pulled from a line of comics called House of M that came out in 2005 by Portlander and comics author Brian Michael Bendis. In those comics, Wanda creates a false reality where she puts most of the characters we know from the Avengers and some X-Men into this false world so they can all live happily after tragedy and so she can cope with her grief.

In that comic, she also has two children named Tommy and Billy (they become important players and mutants later on) and boy, am I speculating wildly about what this all means. I also talk about how I think that this show is tying into "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness," "Thor Love and Thunder," the next Spider-Man movie and possibly a Young Avengers show or movie. You can see all of that nonsense in the video below. Don't worry, I do talk about actual confirmed things as well:

If you missed the one about episodes 1-3 you can see that below:

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