PORTLAND, Ore. — Did you forget about Brie Larson's music career? Because I did. But now that I have remembered and re-watched old YouTube videos I love her even more.

 It was over ten years ago that Larson was singing from Avril Lavigne-esque pop-punk princess music. You can find it on her YouTube Vevo page.

Why does this make me love her more?

Well, because this is so quintessentially early-2000s that it resonates very deeply. What a time to wear rubber bracelets and moodily strum your guitar. If this does not bring back some serious angst memories -- then I don't know what to tell you.

That being said, Brie Larson is the new queen fo my life and I am ready to die on this hill.

Destiny Johnson is a digital investigative reporter at KGW who also reviews comics and movies and nerd stuff on YouTube. You can chat with her on Twitter @hello_destiny where she often posts photos of her dog.