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Did Marvel just turn Loki into DB Cooper in the new Disney+ 'Loki' trailer?

Okay, hear me out -- it's conspiracy theory inception. But I make a compelling argument for Loki popping up as the infamous DB Cooper.
Credit: Marvel/Disney and FBI

PORTLAND, Ore. — Marvel has been dropping a ton of news about their Disney+ shows. 

This includes one of the first full trailers for the new "Loki" show. We come to find our favorite trickster god (who for some reason just has a British accent) the moment he disappears with the Tesseract in "Avengers End Game." 

It has been no secret that Loki gets scooped up by the Time Variance Authority or "TVA," likely for traveling through time with the assistance of the Space Stone and the Tesseract. And look, it gets a little hairy with the Infinity Stones and who has which one and what happened to them in the end, but Marvel is only mildly concerned with continuity, let's be honest.

It looks like he might get stuck doing some work for the TVA, as the trailer shows him in various scenarios and various levels of trouble and mischief.

But there is a scene where Loki is sat on plane, seemingly alone, with his hair short and slicked back, looking much like Tom Hiddleston and less like Loki.

A flight attendant dressed in attire that would correspond with early '70s attire that a flight attendant would have worn the year the DB Cooper hijacking went down (1971), hands Loki a suitcase full of money. Loki then winks and says, "You better be ready," to seemingly no one before he jumps from the plane and is intercepted by a similar sort of vortex that we have seen created by the Tesseract before.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

If you need a refresher:

The story of DB Cooper goes that the man got on a plane in Portland headed to Seattle and handed a note to a flight attendant stating he had a bomb in his suitcase and he needed her to sit beside him. He flashed her a mass of wires and red sticks that appeared to be explosives. He then took a note to the captain that demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. DB Cooper, as the man is called as his identity is still unknown, then held some of the crew captive and demanded that they get in the air again and set a course for Mexico City. Then he jumped out of the plane, allegedly to never be seen again.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Now, this could be my little true crime brain really working overtime. But if this is true, this opens up a whole playground of things for Marvel to mess with in terms of time and place in "Loki." 

I want to see Loki hanging with the punks in England in the '80s, I want to see him swinging in the '40s and sitting at Cold War deals in the '60s. I love this idea of putting Loki in important places throughout history and I am excited to see what Marvel will do with it.

It's my hope that this show will inject some comedy into it instead of focusing solely on Loki's trauma and heartbreak and from the 2+ minute trailer, it really seems like that's the direction they're headed. 

And thank you, Disney, for adding in the double knife spin that is perhaps the only thing to give me serotonin all week.

Check out the trailer and hit me up on Twitter @hello_destiny and let me know what you think. Are you excited?

Watch the trailer here

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