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Comic review | The Prince and the Dressmaker, Silver Surfer Black

A weird mix of comics this week but a good one nonetheless.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Editor's note: The video above is a teaser trailer for the full comic review. You can find the full review on KGW Comic Pick of the Week's YouTube channel.

Happy Pride!

I was suggested "The Price and the Dressmaker" months ago and I am really kicking myself for not reading it sooner. It was very good. It was touching and serious and light -- somehow a delightful mix of it all. It made me laugh and cry and then I recommended it to everyone I know! 

It is about a prince who wants to dress in women's clothes. However, beyond that, it is about acceptance, expression, friendship, and love.

I would let anyone in the LGBTQIA+ that there is a very supportive family in this book which can be tough to read if you do not have a support network. Here are some resources if you are part of the LGBTQIA+  and you do not have a support network and are in need of one: 


Silver Surfer Black was aesthetically beautiful and it was really cool to read more about a character I don't know a lot about. Silver Surfer is somewhat of an oddity and in Silver Surfer Black the reader gets to peek into his head and see his past without the story dragging along.

I would recommend this comic to anyone who likes Silver Surfer or someone looking for something new. Who could be mad at a space adventure?

Thanks as always to Floating World Comics, located at 400 NW Couch St. in Portland where I get all my comics. Stop by, tell them I said 'Hi!'