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KGW earns 41 Emmy nominations for 2020

The nomination total is the most in KGW’s history and include top station for overall excellence
Credit: KGW Staff
KGW earns 41 Emmy 2020 nominations, including top station for overall excellence

PORTLAND, Ore — KGW received a total of 41 nominations for the 2020 Northwest Emmy® awards by the Northwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) in a competition that includes the Seattle market. KGW earned more nominations than any other Portland news outlet and is the only Portland commercial station nominated for overall excellence. The nomination total is the most in KGW’s history.

“To be recognized for our work during 2020, a year that the Portland area and the world will never forget, is rewarding. Our dedicated team focuses each day on how we can tell unique and compelling stories that make a difference and help improve the community. With most of our newsroom working remotely due to a pandemic, it’s gratifying to see that we are fulfilling our mission of re-thinking what local news can be and serving our community with journalism that truly matters.” said KGW News Director Greg Retsinas.

The nominations for outstanding work span every aspect of journalism including best morning and evening newscasts, daily news report, hard news report, continuing coverage, light feature, serious feature, business consumer, crime, environment/science, politics/government, historical/cultural, interactive media, and public affairs program. The KGW marketing team is nominated three times for best news promo campaigns, three Program Promo Campaigns, in addition to best commercial single spot and commercial campaign.

Nominations for individual achievement includes best news anchor, best sports anchor, best weather anchor, best news specialty reporter, best producer, best writer, best photographer, best video essay, best editors, and best video journalist.

Recipients will be announced at virtual award ceremony on June 5.

Details of each of the award nominations are below:

  • Overall Excellence
    Steve Carter, General Manager
  • Evening Newscast
    The Story: Misinformation vs Disinformation • Brian Kosciesza, Stephanie Villiers, Mila Mimica, Dan Haggerty
    The Story: Historic Megafires Burn Oregon • Brian Kosciesza, Stephanie Villiers, Mila Mimica, Dan Haggerty
    KGW News at 11: Oregon Wildfires – Alison Rogers, Laural Porter
  • Morning Newscast
    Oregon on Fire: Neighbors help neighbors • Celeste Ruiz, Paul Kenney, Jessica Smith
  • Daily News Report
    Coffee is Dope • Kurt Austin, Keely Chalmers
  • Hard News Report
    The Road • Dan Haggerty, Kurt Austin
  • Continuing Coverage
    LIFE Inside • Maggie Vespa, Mila Mimica, Kurt Austin
  • Light Feature
    The Pinball Mecca • Katherine Cook, Jon Gudgel
    Helmet John • Laural Porter, Kurt Austin
    Serious Feature: We are Wildcats • Cristin Severance, Gene Cotton
  • Business Consumer
    The Cost of Collections • Kyle Iboshi, Gene Cotton
    Can’t go Wrong with Tamales • Kurt Austin
  • Crime
    Missing Boy 10 Years Later • Kyle Iboshi, Gene Cotton
  • Environment/Science
    Power Struggle: A Look to the Future • Pat Dooris, Jon Goodwin
  • Politics/Government
    Paid to Stay at Home • Kyle Iboshi, Gene Cotton
    Where’s Karen? • Cristin Severance, Gene Cotton
  • Historical/Cultural
    KGW Rewind: Mt St Helens • Nina Mehlhaf, Chad DeHart
    Portland Japanese Garden • Ken McCormick
    Bringing Back the Language • Pat Dooris, Kurt Austin
  • Interactive Media
    QR Code Donations for Wildfire Victims • Wendy Gatlin
  • Public Affairs Program
    Inside Woodlawn: No Time to Waste • Cristin Severance, Gene Cotton, John Tierney
  • News Promo Campaign
    Verify • Randy Cobb
    Kyron: Missing 10 Years • Ellen Boynton, Randy Cobb, Jeff Patterson, Amanda Lashbaugh
    Call Kyle • Randy Cobb, Jeff Patterson, Kevin Ebel
  • Program Promo Campaign
    Nora’s Perspective • Randy Cobb, Jeff Patterson
    Optimism • Skyler Stever, Jeff Patterson, Kevin Ebel
    KGW Together • Ellen Boynton, Randy Cobb, Skyler Stever, Jeff Patterson, Amanda Lashbaugh
  • Commercial Single Spot
    KGW Great Food Drive • Skyler Stever, Joseph DeGise, Kevin Ebel, Jeff Patterson, Josh Schreck
  • Commercial Campaign
    KGW School Supply Drive • Skyler Stever, Joseph DeGise, Kevin Ebel, Jeff Patterson, Josh Schreck
  • News Anchor
    Laural Porter
  • Weather Anchor
    Matt Zaffino
  • Sports Anchor
    Orlando Sanchez
  • Reporter – News Specialty
    Keely Chalmers
  • News Producer
    Brian Kosciesza
  • News Writer
    Laural Porter
  • Photographer
    Kurt Austin
  • Video Essay
    Kurt Austin
  • News Editor
    Kurt Austin
    Zachary Carver
  • Video Journalist
    Jon Goodwin