Blazers' new rallying cry: #RipCityOnTheyAss

Damian Lillard started it. Jusuf Nurkic has embraced it. And as the Blazers keep winning, the new hashtag is taking off in Portland.

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PORTLAND, Ore. — If you're on Twitter and you live in Portland, you've probably seen a new hashtag trending the past couple weeks.

Amid the Portland Trail Blazers' current hot streak, which includes seven wins in a row and victories in 16 of their past 21 games, #RipCityOnTheyAss has taken off as a new rallying cry for the team and its fans.

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On Monday night, Damian Lillard led a rousing comeback victory against the Lakers by scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter. After the game, the terms "Dame" and "Damian Lillard" were trending nationally.

By Tuesday morning, #RipCityOnTheyAss had joined "Dame" and "Damian Lillard" as trending topics in Portland.

The biggest advocate of the hashtag, besides Portland Trail Blazers fans, has been Portland center Jusuf Nurkic. After Monday night's game, he tweeted, "Just.. #RipCityOnTheyAss".

NBC Sports Northwest's Dwight Jaynes asked Nurkic about the hashtag before a game on Mar. 2. He gave credit to Damian Lillard for starting it.

"I mean, Dame started, you know, like our leader started everything from him, so you know we kind of follow him. I like it so I keep going so we like that," Nurkic said.

When asked what it means, Nurkic said, "I mean, there's no explanation. You see it. You read it. That's it."

Basically, it means the Blazers are beating their opponents.

We did a little research at KGW, and indeed, the first time we could find that the hashtag was used was Jan. 7 by Lillard, following a game in which the Blazers beat the San Antonio Spurs, 111-110, with Lillard injured and watching the game from the bench.

Nurkic was the next Blazers player to use the hashtag, on Jan. 9. Since then, the Blazers' burly center has used it 11 times as the hashtag has taken off in Portland.


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