Owner says dog was run over after getting out during burglary

"They took the most precious thing they could've taken," Polo Banuelos said.

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Southeast Portland man is beyond devastated over the loss of his 8-month-old dog Rosie.

“It’s really tough,” said Polo Banuelos. “She was loved.”

Rosie was more than a pet for Banuelos. She was his emotional support animal.

“I’ve had PTSD since I was a kid and I’ve been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder," he said.

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Late Tuesday night Banuelos was at work when he received a frantic call. He rushed to Southeast Powell Boulevard and 62nd Avenue where Rosie had been hit by a car.

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"We took her to the emergency vet clinic and we were there for about 20 minutes and they told us they couldn’t do anything for her anymore,” said Banuelos. “It was too late.”

Rosie was gone. But how did this happen? How did she escape the house while Banuelos was at work? He figured it out as soon as he returned home from saying goodbye to Rosie.

“We came home and I noticed the fence right there was cracked open and I told my partner somebody was here," Banuelos said.

That someone, according to Banuelos, broke into the house to steal things. Rosie slipped out and ran away.

“Whoever was here taking whatever they were taking…our dog was the last thing on their mind," he said.

Banuelos says all the burglar got away with was an expensive bike and a large plant, but none of that matters.

“They took the most precious thing they could’ve taken,” he said. “That’s been the most difficult part.”

Banuelos hopes officers can track down whoever broke into his house.

“Their mess led to my dog being killed,” he said.