VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A couple in Vancouver has lost their home to toxic mold and they said their health has been suffering for years because of it.

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The Johnsons raised two boys in the house they've had for 24 years. But nobody's living in it anymore. Craig and Shelly Johnson moved out in July, after inspectors found mold growing in the basement and in the attic.

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The couple said they've experienced health problems for about a decade and in the last several years, it's been especially bad. Both suffered a variety of severe aches and pains, fatigue and respiratory problems.

"Excruciating headaches, confusion, no appetite," Craig said, describing the pain and suffering, "I thought I was gonna die. At times I was hoping I was going to."

They also said that the doctor bills cost more than their health care covered.

It wasn't until after the toxic mold was found in their home, that they found a doctor who linked their illness to it. They have no doubt the mold began growing after a remodeling project in 1996, and that their current doctor has the right diagnosis.

"They have checked us for everything and it's so clear and especially since the medications are starting to work, it's such a sigh of relief," Craig said.

Contractors have told the couple it would cost more than their house is worth to get rid of the mold entirely. So while they figure out what's next, they hope you will check your home for any signs of a mold problem.

"Check your attic, check your crawl space, look for the signs because we don't' want anybody to go through what we went through," said Craig.

The couple have been devastated financially by their ordeal. But they are pushing forward with help from loved ones.

"We have an awesome family and supportive friends who have rallied around us, to really support us," said Shelly.

Members of the community are helping the Johnsons through a GoFundMe donation site.

The EPA offers mold awareness information on detection, cleanup and other issues.

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