NBC filming new show, 'Grimm' in Portland

NBC filming new show, 'Grimm' in Portland


by Katherine Cook, KGW Staff


Posted on December 16, 2011 at 5:10 PM

PORTLAND -- NBC has begun production of its first network show that will be set and produced in Portland.

The show will be a drama called "Grimm,” as in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It’s a pilot about a detective who starts seeing certain people as beasts and then discovers that his calling in life is to protect other people from them.

The actors in the new NBC show will wear real Portland police uniforms – except for the badge, which will be fake.

"Back here is our uniform graveyard," said Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson, walking into a storage room full of bureau blue. Not exactly a Hollywood prop room, but the rows of fancy, blue hand-me-downs are about to hit the small screen.

"It's easy to offer these things up for a (TV show) pilot, because we have plenty of them," said Simpson, referring to the supernatural police drama.

Besides uniforms, these days Sgt. Simpson has been busy providing technical advice to NBC executives, as they prepare to shoot the pilot episode for "Grimm."

"(NBC producers) reached out to us and asked, 'What can we do to make this authentic?'" said Simpson. They wanted to (recognize us) as the Portland Police Bureau, and not just some generic police department. It's kind of a neat opportunity for us and a chance to showcase the city.

"Grimm" is the second TV show pilot this year to feature the Portland Police Bureau. If picked up for a full season, "Grimm" would be the third TV series produced in Portland, joining TNT's "Leverage," and IFC's "Portlandia."

"We're building up on that reputation and this year is going to be the biggest year we've ever had," said Vince Porter, executive director of The Governor's Office of Film & Television.

Porter added that landing another major TV series could leave Portland poised and ready for bigger things, possibly a local soundstage.

"We're right at that tipping point," he said. "If we got another project, there are some people who would really be looking seriously at it."

"You know, it might be fun to pretend to have a few Grimm Fairy Tale characters running around Portland," said Porter.

"It's an interesting storyline," added Simpson. "It's not the typical cop drama."

Porter said NBC will likely decide in May whether or not to pick up "Grimm" for a full season.

Other shows filmed in Portland:

- Leverage on TNT

- Portlandia on IFC