Confused driver gets stuck in bike lane on I-205 bridge

Credit: Steve Basden

Cyclist Steve Basden came across the driver who mistakenly entered the I-205 bridge bicycle lane.


by KGW staff

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Posted on December 16, 2013 at 6:44 PM

PORTLAND -- A confused driver took a wrong turn Sunday morning and ended up in the center bike lane on the Interstate 205 bridge between Oregon and Washington.

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At around 11 a.m., police stopped to help the driver who couldn't get out of the partitioned off lane near Government Island that sits between the north and southbound lanes of the bridge.

Authorities decided the best thing to do was walk the car to the Oregon side. One northbound lane was closed for about an hour, but traffic was not significantly affected. Some bikers, however, had trouble getting around the car.

“She rolled down the window and there was a lady driving the car with two little kids, there were about three or four in the back seat and she just looked confused and scared,” cyclist Paul Anderson said.

The driver was not cited.

Racer Steve Baden came across the woman as he and a partner were crossing the bridge and called 911. He said the driver, realizing her mistake, was trying to drive to the Oregon side.

He could not believe the driver was not cited, and that this was not the first time a driver had entered the bikepath from the Washington side. Safety procedures need to be changed on that end of the bridge, he said.

KGW Reporter Keely Chalmers contributed to this report