Portland woman turns 110: What's her secret?

Portland woman turns 110: What's her secret?


by Anne Yeager, KGW Staff

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Posted on October 12, 2010 at 8:55 PM

One of the oldest women in Oregon just turned 110 years old.

But don't let her age fool you.

Irene Huddle, 110, says leaving a clean life is what keeps her healthy.

Of course, she does enjoy her glass of Merlot in the evenings.

She started her day at the salon.

"I got my hair done, " said Irene.

Her friends told her it looks "spiffy."

It's a special birthday party, honoring one of the oldest women in Oregon.

But she doesn't feel 110 years old.

"I feel the same I did yesterday and that's 109 years old."

Irene moved to Oregon from San Francisco, where she met the love of her life, Bill.

"We did everything together."

She admits she had a wild side and a fondness for a strong cocktail.

"Bourbon," she says, unapologetically.

Talk to Irene and immediately, you know she is a class act.

Lonna Jackson met her when Jackson was interviewing for a job at the retirement home.

"I was nervous, she told me it was okay, and it was, " said Jackson.

She got the job.

Irene is the type of woman who can keep a secret.

When I asked her what she and her girlfriends liked to talk about, she told me it was no business of mine.

"She's got spunk, " said Jackson, " She loves her coffee in the morning and in the evening a glass of red wine."

Irene's friends and family appreciate her fun-loving spirit.

"She used to love Jack Daniels and she knows how to have a good time, " Said Bob Stutte.

Stutte's grandmother is Irene's sister.

Irene is dressed in a mink jacket, as the good time girl took center stage.

Of course, there's wine.

Her friends popped the cork and Irene drank to another year.

"Do you like the wine? " the crowd of supporters ask her.

"No, " she replied.

She loved it.