911 tape: Wife's confession in hammer killing

911 tape: Wife's confession in hammer killing


by Teresa Blackman, kgw.com Staff


Posted on June 5, 2012 at 8:07 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 5 at 11:11 AM

VANCOUVER -- Donna Williams called 911 on May 30th and told dispatchers she had killed her husband of 30 years with a hammer.

She said she killed him about two weeks earlier and left his lifeless body in a back bedroom. Now she was ready for police to come. She told the responding officers that she was the victim of many years of abuse and decided to kill him after he punched her in the face on Mother’s Day.

Donna: I need to report a murder... I murdered my husband

Dispatcher: What happened?

Donna: He was beating me.

Dispatcher: How did you do it?

Donna: With a hammer.

Dispatcher: What made you decide to call today?

Donna: I don't know.

Dispatcher: Was he beating you the day that you hit him?

Donna: The day before.

Dispatcher: Can you tell me what happened?

Donna: He started beating me, gave me a black eye. And I got mad and took a hammer to his head while he was sleeping.

Responding officers said Donna had a black eye and told them it was from her husband’s final attack on her, two weeks earlier. She said he was high on cocaine at the time and punched her when she confronted him about it.

She was arrested on 1st degree murder charges. Her bail was set at $750,000.

Family members told KGW they knew the couple had tension in their marriage, but said the abuse came from both sides, with Donna sometimes being the main aggressor.

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