PORTLAND -- A Portland man has been accused of stealing a car that he claims he rented from Hertz in Tigard.

This, despite the fact that an insurance company was paying for the rental. Or the fact that Paul Vu had brought the rental into Hertz for a damage assessment.

Vu said things just don t make sense.

No one mentioned I was driving a stolen car, he said.

Vu is the founder of Eyeware Design Alliance, or EDA. His business does pretty well.

But now, some people also think he s car thief. The manager steps out of the room and a couple minutes later I turn around and a policeman is behind me and said that he was going to arrest me for stealing a vehicle.

Vu's biggest problem, he said, was that he'd rented a car from Hertz in Tigard. He needed the rental after an accident in the family car. When he returned it Monday, he was told Hertz had reported it stolen.

He said he tried to clear it up with the manager by telling him: Go ahead and charge my card, go ahead and do whatever you need to do and just settle this.

Vu said he first thought was that it was a joke.

While driving the rental car, he was rear-ended and brought it to Hertz for an assessment a few days ago. They never mentioned it was reported stolen. A fact he explained to the investigator.

He asked the manager what they wanted to do, and they wanted to go ahead and press charges, even with all the explanation, Vu said.

So KGW went to Hertz Tuesday, thinking this must have been a misunderstanding. And although no one asked KGW reporter Chris Willis to leave, the manager said she was calling the police to have him removed from the property.

I will call them right now then, the manager said. Willis asked, What would you tell them, you didn't even ask me to leave so you're going to call the police and see if they'll arrest me?

Police never came, but charges are still being pursued against Paul Vu, even though as KGW discovered, Hertz charged his credit card for use of the vehicle.

Vu has hired an attorney in case the District Attorney files theft charges on a rental car he not only returned, but was charged for on his credit card. Calls to the Corporate Public Relations office at Hertz were not returned.

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