PATEROS, Wash. -- Evacuations of Pateros took place late Thursday night in Okanogan County due to a wildfire that has burned dozens of homes along the Columbia River. Thirty-five homes in and near Pateros have been destroyed, according to county officials. Roads were blocked throughout the area as of early Friday.

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Thursday night, the fire jumped across Highway 97 between Brewster and Pateros, according to the Associated Press. The fire, known as the Carlton Complex fire, burned at least 28 square miles of scenic countrysidebetween Thursday and Friday. As of early Friday, the fire had not been contained.

State-wide, firefighting resources are hard to come by simply because there have been so many wildfires. About 1,000 firefighters were fighting blazes in Washington, including the Mills Canyon Fire, the state's largest at 35 square miles.

As long as structures are threatened, our team will get together to work quickly to present that case to the federal government through FEMA that we need additional financial assistance, said Robert Ezelle, Washington's emergency management director.

In Pateros and Leavenworth, thick smoke and ash have been filling the air. Many people say it is similar to what was experienced after Mount St. Helens erupted.

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